Confused on how your online store will accept payments? Start here!

The vast majority of online shoppers will use a credit card to pay for their purchases. As such, as an online merchant you need a merchant account to accept credit cards. A merchant account interfaces seamlessly with Webplus Shop and processes payments from credit card holders securely to you as a merchant. There are many merchant account providers out there and they vary greatly in price. Here are several merchant account providers which specialize in internet merchants and have some of the best credit card processing rates out there. Click on the logos to see their rates. You can apply instantly at their websites.

e-onlinedata PayQuake

PayPal is another online payment method which is widely popular as a substitute for paying for online purchases with a credit card (although buyers may also use their credit card to pay through PayPal). You can get started accepting payments via PayPal very quickly. We recommend accepting both PayPal and credit cards through a merchant account to give your customers as many options as possible, thus increasing your chances of completing a sale. You can sign up for a PayPal account by clicking on the logo below. Please note that you’ll want to sign up for a PayPal Website Payments Standard account which is fully compatible with Webplus Shop.


Webplus Shop can also accept payments via check, money order, purchase order, FAX or phone. You may enable these payment methods in your administrative interface if you wish to allow customers to pay by these methods.