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Webplus Shop gives your business a web presence.
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Webplus Shop is an easy to use shopping cart.
Simple online store software with support to back it up.
Webplus Shop is affordable.
Webplus Shop allows you to sell online absolutely FREE.
You are missing out on sales without an online store!
Ecommerce websites pay for themselves in online sales.

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About the Webplus Shop Build Ecommerce Website:

So you want to build ecommerce website? You've come to the right place. Webplus Shop is the easy way to build ecommerce website. If you aren't familiar with the process don't worry, we'll guide you through the process. If you are ready to get started, just follow the link above. Or if you'd like to know more, ready on. Whether you are selling clothing, tools, food or other items the process is very much the same. As such, let's discuss the process required to build ecommerce website.

First, you must start by selecting a build ecommerce website software, often called shopping cart software. There are many shopping cart software providers out there with features ranging from very basic to very specialized. The most important aspects of the software you select are that it is easy to use and navigate and that it displays your products in a favorable manner. After all, customers will not buy your products if they don't look appealing or if the store is too difficult to purchase from. Security is also important. Select a software which is reputable meeting all current security standards and which has been around for a while.

So you've selected a build ecommerce website software. What next? Each software is slightly different in their setup process. In most, you'll select a general layout for your online store website along with colors and any graphics you'd like to upload including logos, headers, footers, etc. If you don't have this don't worry; most popular shopping carts allow you to create this very easily. Next, you'll input your contact information and products. Be sure your product pictures are of as high a resolution as possible. Remember, when you build ecommerce websites a picture is worth a thousand words and pictures can often be the difference between a sale and no sale. Product descriptions should be detailed but to the point. Extremely long product descriptions often lose people's interest.

Once all of your products are in place in your store it's time to set up your payment methods so people can pay you. Many online shoppers prefer PayPal, which is very easy to set up and does not require that customers give you their personal info. Accepting credit cards through a merchant account is also recommended as it gives a more professional appearance than PayPal and provides better merchant protections. Apply for a merchant account which is compatible with the shopping cart software you have selected. Finally, there are still a few folks out there who prefer to pay by check. Most build ecommerce website software allows the customer to print their order form and mail in a check at the end of the checkout process. Although some online merchants choose not to accept checks it is recommended as you are often turning away sales if you don't.

Okay, your products are in place, you have payments set up, what do you do next? Next, you must set up your shipping methods. What you charge your customers for shipping can be figured a variety of different ways. Often a flat fee is charged, such as $10 per order. Some build ecommerce website softwares figure the shipping by weight or dollar amount. Still others get actual shipping quotes from the specific shipper they use. Whatever shipping method you choose be sure it is enough to cover your costs for shipping the items and any handling involved. Pay particular attention to heavy items. If you choose to ship internationally you'll need to set up higher rates for these orders. Most build ecommerce website shopping carts can accommodate this.

Internet merchants are often confused over whether or not they must charge for tax. The law states that when you build an ecommerce website you must collect sales tax for orders which are shipped to the same states in which you ship from. So if you only ship from one state you'll only need to collect sales tax on orders which are shipped to within your state. Again, this is easy to set up with most shopping cart software.

Next, you must add a link to your current website, if you have one, to your new online store. Often internet merchants label this link "shop online" or "visit our online store". Whatever you choose it should be a prominent link on your current website to show your visitors that you sell your products online and how to get to your online store. Once this link is posted your new online store will be "live" and will have visitors from your existing site going to it. If you don't have an existing site when you build ecommerce website then your new store will act as a stand-alone store. You'll need to select a domain name for your store so people can find it. Select a name which is as short as possible and make sure you stick to .com's only. You may want to further promote your online store with a press release, pay-per-click advertising or other promotion. Generally the more visitors you can get to your online store the more sales you'll make. Lastly, don't forget Search Engine Optimization when you build ecommerce website. This allows the search engines to find you and thus bring visitors and new customers to your store. Make sure to set these tags in your store (most website software has a place to do with without programming). Or consider having this done professionally….the investment is often well worth it in potential customers.

That's it, simpler than you thought, right? As you begin filling your orders you'll probably begin wondering, "Why you didn't I build an ecommerce website sooner?". Ready to get started? Click here.

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